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What is the Joseph Joshua Collaborative--

Joseph Joshua Collaborative (JJC)
Introduction and History- About JJC; How Successful is it and Why is it Unique?
JJC is the 13 year old brainchild of Gedalyahu Ben-Shimeon, honorably discharged Navy veteran, who in 1999 saw the problem. While volunteering at Reclaimed Hope, an after school youth empowerment club, the President stated we had won a grant from California's Health Alliance. During the execution of the grant, the restrictions threaten the continuation of the needed services for the young girls program. I started JJC as an advisory and funding program for non-profits and micro-small businesses. I volunteered with six organizations to work on my theory- -visionaries needed administrative service to help them grow. So I completed my undergraduate degree in business information systems in 2001 and sought to provide my educational insight for free to develop non-profits.
The motto is “on the behalf of others.” I learned about this situation in the 7th grade and never forgot it and started then to volunteer in my community of Ft. Wayne IN. This comment was made by President F.D. Roosevelt when he saw Mary M. Bethune approaching him. He knew she was there on the behalf of others. I have since volunteered every chance I could. I have over 8500 volunteer hours since my arrival to San Diego with the Navy in 1998, it is a conservative number.
The name is representative of the core design of JJC. Joseph was an administrator and Joshua was an inspired leader, a community derives the best from organization when it can incubate and mature on solid financial principles, business acumen, and marketing. One of the first lessons I shared is that non-profits doesn't mean non-revenue. Additionally, despite the love and commitment a founder has there has to be a tangible product, great metrics, and sustainability. This has caught on as a norm for national non-profit strategy.
The corporate approach of JJC is when the two types of personalities are joined (collaborative) then the Joshua -visionary can remain in touch with the community and champion their causes while the Joseph-administration organizes several basic for efficiency and effectiveness. This creates more bang for a charitable buck. The basic are an annual schedule that creates exposure and communicates -how to help, income (unrestricted) to budget programs with several sources of revenue besides- grants only, establish a cause marketing campaign to interact with businesses, develop social enterprising leg, community- based membership, and shares in the expense of an talented staff with other matched non-profits. This is what is unique about the JJC approach. JJC 's Joseph Project creates sustainability.
It has not been as successful as I'd like due to the lack of budget and membership of many non-profits I've worked with yet several have grown as they restructured into many of the components JJC recommends. Therefore I'm restructuring to garner more exposure and funding for my Joseph project.
How is JJC Involved With the Community it Serves?
Imagine numerous reliable, up to date organizations promoting self-sufficiency and promoting responsibility toward sustainable efforts through talent and expertise. JJC will be involved with every aspect of the community once fully executed, JJC will offer the most reliable resource for non-profits and micro-business in San Diego. The Joseph approach will become a model for all smaller concerns and non-profits nationally. Precisely overcoming the dichotomy of encouraging self-sufficiency while struggling to survive will be eliminated. The heartache of losing a survival asset for local families creates apathy to hoping. The Joseph project is the anchoring design for JJC's approach and it spills over into relationship building with business for economic growth in each community beyond tax credits.
The need is unlimited and ongoing when communities are just consuming services and not investing their efforts in more sustainable strategies. The JJC result is a less dependent clients removing ideological conflict between the agency and the clients endless needs. This is another unique aspect of JJC. We promote self-sufficiency by all concerned via providing marketable features and a Foundation's funding design. Programs will make more money than they spend and spend less on those logistic cost to operate. Mutually shared expenses can offer increase productivity of all small business operations associated with the project. JJC is like an association designing more features for their clients/members.

What Would the Grant Mean to Your Business Plan and How Would JJC Utilize the Funds to Ensure Long-term Growth and Stability?
This grant could prove the effectiveness and efficiency of the Joseph project, the additional aspect of computer-internet-social networking can create a 100 fold impact in the world of legitimate non-profits and reduce dependency on staffing budgets as well as reducing those budgets allowing more direct services to clients. Abundance attitude and business aptitude are joined at the hip to invigorate hope and trust, I have monitored the impact of foundational support to insure the joy of a Founder remains showered on the youth and dishearten in a community. Using economies of scale the community programs operational budgets are reduced by over 30% and nearly 55% for labor. Simply an executive administrative assistant can be at home answering the phone for several agencies, texting or emailing info to Founder-Presidents, arranging their schedule and travel, and serving as a liaison for business relationships all ready in place and communicating important issues to community members, researching via the internet opportunities like this one. Versus five part-time, moderately skilled secretaries sitting waiting for the next task from an uninformed Founder/CEO.

What Types of Challenges Can You Identify With Your Business Plan and
How Will You Overcome Them?
The challenge and method to ensure long-term growth and stability is found in the social enterprising of the Joseph project. Cash flow and revenue generation are barriers to ongoing success in the market. The JJC design is the solution to the same issues any business can have. The simple answer is to establish a great strategy that can be communicated and shared inexpensively. Founder may feel the importance of their program on the local level yet exercise little big-visioning and are under informed, also there is the lack of the alumni effect which basically states those you helped will return to help you. Since the programs die out from poor management and loss of funding many alumni services are shared elsewhere. Yet, the Joseph's mutually shared executive staff can provide low cost professionalism needed to move non-profit programs to maturity and into position to sponsor the next Joseph project. The Alumni effect is doubled. One clear shortcoming for many founders is the executive assets personally or in a team of advisers, both situations are lacking corporate awareness to run or even have a budget to manage and acumen to develop a Board of Directors. The talent of my team is myself at the helm as I apply my graduate business knowledge and disciplined (military) daily operations to a team of staffer and college interns engage in timely low cost development of several agencies. Wash- rinse- repeat.

Describe the Talent on Your Team and How They Make Your Business Successful?
The talent will cover the six major aspects of business operations- Executive-Communication-Distribution-Quality-Training- Funding. The team will be cross-functional such that each member can eventually run a Joseph project due to the experience gained while a team member for several years. SMART goals and tasking documented in applications like Microsoft Project creates a model, it then can be reviewed after execution, providing feedback to the executive branch for fine tuning, problem-solution design and demand response and most importantly repeating a successful plan for all clients.
The group dynamics of the negotiating procedures for the different agencies (clients/participants) as well as shared resources with grants, supplies and expenses can have the effect of multiplying your grant by ten as savings and discounts are acquired through relationship with local businesses and Foundations.
The Joseph project format offers so much more abilities to create support in all manners. This approach is genius and controls financial aspects and encourages local designs championed by local leaders. The simplistic services the team creates can be reused by others and the vision of community based NPO utilizing sound business best practices and accountability harvests reliability for supporters and funding units like yourself. Only recently have I concerned myself with the loss of proprietary to this approach.
JJC is also focusing on the educational aspect of a community as well via the U.T.S. ( Urban Technology and Science Circus as its own social enterprise to develop cause marketing relationships with the San Diego community. . Adopting the STEM goals of universities is vital to creating a global awareness and local commercial needs from educators will align communities to additional alliances with assets. Through social networking, I'm reaching out to businesses worldwide to co-operate in the learning attitude for our community and youth (UTS). This project closes the circle on local influence.

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