Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Priority--Setting Goals, God Yah first

                                                           MY SPIRITUAL GOALS

 1. Pray to hear the voice of GOD for direction and knowledge.  
  2. Deliberately and intentionally exercise Faith waiting on GOD, pondering His word.
  3. Align my perspective using GOD's eyes  for myself and others to align my character to a higher standard.
  4. Diligently pursue my calling to service to GOD's plan, Humanity, and His people.
  5. Keep my faith strong in Jesus/Yahushua-Yahweh's will.
  6. Do what He says, be obedient to what I understand and finish that course.
  7. Persevere through opposition whether  it is persecution or discomfort, I'll persevere on my knees.

Background: Deacon E. at Elohim, COGIC, enlightened me on how to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven (Faith in Christ, Change and Love). I thought, I had but, I had no sustainable goals. GOD's method is simple. Set spiritual goals and GOD takes care of things in the world as a gracious provider. I reviewed the Deacon's list and developed my own above.  Do the same, word it in such that it motivates you. Be patient with yourself, forgive yourself daily. Seek humility and honesty.

Here are my goals, there is no priority, except number one. The fact is all of these are possible whether in jail, no leg, no job, no family, no money, nothing can be prevent the seeking these goals. All you need is a heart to change and a mind set toward spiritual gifts. You will make mistakes and there will be discomfort. That already happens just being alive. We are winners before birth. We are winners through our parent's intimacy and all we have to do to win in life is we can let  Yah/Jesus-Christ finish it up. He's able!!!! He will put your issues in His will.   "Kaabammm done!" by setting goals in my mind and heart.

Remember if you believe His ways and His intelligence are greater than the distance between Earth and Heaven as far as East is from the West, it makes sense to listen. Just hear Him tell you about His love for you.You can open your heart to love hearing. It's like having a friend that's an super-uber-genius way beyond MENSA, you'd listen to that person's opinion or views...right????

Listening doesn't mean you have to change or do things you don't understand, pursue and hold on remember it's His responsibility. He is the one perfecting a sinner's faith.

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