Friday, May 11, 2012

Heart Felt Voices need to be UNITED

Intoducing Suzanne Morse, Founder Heartfelt Voices United
Solution Advocate for Domestic Violence and Sexual assualt.
She believes that we must focus on the Six Points of the Heart to eradicate these traumas .  They are: 

1.  Break the Silence/Set the Secrets Free.
     Emerge from Isolation.
     Speak openly about these Issues.
     Tell Your Story/Tell a Survivor's Story.

2.  For Survivors, Choose to Heal.
     It involves Acceptance & Surrender.
     Choose to tell your Story or Another's Story.
     Bring these Issues into the Light from the Darkness.
     Take your Power back.

3.  Live in the Present Moment.
     Take one Moment at a time/ One step at a time.
     Don't dwell on the Past.
     Look to the Future with Hope.
     Embrace the Moment.

4.  Remove the Stigma & Shame from these Issues.
     No more victim-blaming.
     Survivors -- Come together -- Unite.
     Open acceptance about Talking about these Issues.
     Accept yourself as unique, not damaged.

5.  Develop Positive Healing Skills.
     CREATIVE EXPRESSION -- art, performance, music, writing.
     Take time for Yourself. 
     Calm your Soul/Meditation, exercise, yoga, etc.
     Realize your own Self Worth.
     Do activities that bring you Joy.

6.  Responsibility to Take Action.
     Speak out against Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence.
     Speak out against Bullying/Child Abuse.
     Listen to Survivor Stories -- Really listen.
     Domestic Violence is a Community Issue, not a Family Affair
     No one is alone./Survivors, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. 
     Do not silence the Victim's Voices.

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