Friday, February 3, 2012


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It is an unprecedented period for a serendipitous convergence of history, technology, and global change which needs the support of a few great people. A club who's time is now. The creation of The IAMM Success Club as a mentoring, community service, and giving-back arm, in a social club format is offered. An interactive and integrated club calendar for seasoned or “bootcamp” personnel. Sharing effectively and efficiently providing key information and the preparation steps to get started in action. Training and assistance to active duty and retired. An extended fellowship that focuses on good change in every community. We are a Calvary. Trained, conditioned with a admirable cultures of integrity. So it makes sense to use an all military members club to create a strong asset for social improvement and query.

The IAMM Success Club has several areas of concerns and commitment:
** Improve the military experience. More success for members, protege serving the country from boot camp back to home of record.

** Recognition of local champions in the county.

** Take the lead on establishing UTS Circus/ FLM FEZ urban youth science festival.
(Engineering, Math, Science, Business, Robotics, and Technology Development) the semi- annual event will require a budget of $25,000.00 per event resulting in great exposure, influence, and repair of a major social flaw, good ROI, for generating funding for positive events in San Diego and LA county.

** Support the USO
Also the IAMM Success Club will set the tone for resourcefulness for community concerns and training. Promoting, Man-up Day, the 19th of every month for assuming responsibility and personal development. Finally to share the character of the patriot, real life American heroes and let it never be forgotten; there is no liberty without sacrifice.

10.00 a year paid on the honor system.
The goal is to have an membership of 1500 total, 500 local total with 80 actively involved in volunteering support and twenty on internal IAMM duty parsed. Working on a regular basis, 3-4 hours a week staffing and organizing small fund raising events - BBQ contest- (main community relations event) and online networking. Preparation duty on month, event duty on one or two days the next month. Shared teamwork and effort.

Establish online presence.
Promote membership and gather concerns.
Engage and educating community in PSE (perpetual social enterprising).
Trained in direct support for FLM FEZ via revenue tools and fund-raising.
The only thing needed for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing. Burke

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