Monday, January 23, 2012

What is a Believer's job, why are we important to HaShem?

         The pivotal point in all of GOD actions is a compliance to His will. Which His spirit will always do. That's clear. And His people will always do... Why is GOD concerned with us and why does He exist? I'd say to watch over His children joyfully, but that could be misleading, there is a reason. The statement is true but, requires a few clarifications. Observe a new Father or a woman with child, any species, they are very peculiar about the environment and conditions of exposure of the baby. As good parent these are concerns. That's the same issue for our gift of the Holy Spirit and its awakening or birthing.  We are mother on earth and heir in Heaven. First things first- care and self-love of our human form. It is ridiculous to think of caring for god if we don't care for ourself in the physical.

             The questions about human's value with GOD-YHWH has an answer with very broad appeal and it must resignate with the souls of mankind. Our frustration with self-love is clear. We try to solve soul problems with everything but love. External love. The soul holds all truth and internal love. The reason why we are imprtant because we are the carriers of little god, His breathe and the soul's of mankind are harboring of the actual spirit of GOD, a holy spirit is raised by humans. Everyday you make it stronger or weaker.
        This is why a rebirth has to exist, it is a real birthing of a "god potential while in your flesh.  We are potential righteous people on the Earth, pastoring and ministering to fellow believers. If you could imagine a baby holy ghost in your being, heart or soul. Actual, actual being.  This is why it is said we are the Temple of GOD.
        We are all parent of gods, Father to GOD on earth, servant and heir with Christ. This is why we have to stop sinning. Sinning is a destructive act and if we are being destructive to our own selves then a sole portion of GOD has little hope of achieveing the potential good planned and needed for His will to be done.
        I 've heard all these words before, but their is an awakening when you realize , you have the potential of creating a powerful force for truth and righteousness. We can be greater than our fondest dreams. The baby, god has to be developed and watched it is not just what would Jesus do, what will you do for YHWH's heaven on Earth.

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