Thursday, March 31, 2011

Willie Lynch The Making Of A Slave

The willie lynch story is at www.thetalkingdrum,com

The is a great source of truly passionate sharing of knowledge. i've been a fan for over 10 years. Check it out. It has so much to gather in and learn about. The article listed above is a good read, but not a reason for excuses. The debate of Willie's existence and the story are a waste of time, despite who, why, the fact remains it seems to depict our social culture and conditions. Willie Lynch in all his forms, even Jesse Jackson lynched us with disrespecting the President, that is the willie in us. CALL IT what you want , we need to actively address thhe scars of U.S. Slavery on the mindset on our families. Whether drugs or guns shot by KKK or a Blood, our response is unsatisfactory. Getting a good job or "being blacker than you" the mental tricks are just games of untruth. Stop being fooled or playing along to be invisible.

What can we do? Committ to live in as much truth as you understand. The meek shall inherit the Earth, you are the Earth, inherit you. No value, wrong, wrong, wrong, you are the rarest jewel. Only one of you, bling bling.
Yes, we are children of U.S. Slaves and in the US there was an very cruel application of slavery. We come from a culture of slavery from the Continent's tribal wars, Africa is a European name for the person, who claimed they discovered a new land, somebody Africanus. So what, in the US and throughout the world , we have made tremendous contributions to the world. yet, nobody owes us. (except the repriations issues, that we have yet demanded or as I say direct via our own financial choices.) Yahweh provides and we can invest.
We are not multiple races we are one race the human race. That's the truth in Life, not in the study of Biology, and of course a field of study is not a truth. My expereinces come from my perceptions and others, my choices are always mine.

American have relied on others and GOD to do their portion, Yahweh provides the manna, you have to go gather it and use it for Life. Creating mental lies to excuse our cowardice. Living in fear and doing nothing about it is the problem. Self- imposed oppression is an indivdual choice. Do what others do, leave when threaten, no excuses, "Get up, get out and do somtin," Macy Grey said. Do something...

Harriet Tubman said, I could have freed more slaves, if they only knew they were slaves." Know your slavery. Know the slavemaster and the liberator too. HaShem, Yahweh, GOD Almighty has the culture we need. Not religion games, knowledge, how did the slaves change then? It took time without an Oppressor. We need to look and read; be courageous and trust, these are two attributes unfamilar for an U.S. slave or person without a culture that protects them. We are like a Policeman in the alley of the worst hood and is out of bullets, but lost the gun anyhow. Think Think, Think, Think. Know you slavery...
It may be true that you love being a Thug or Christian, Yale Alumni, Doctor, Ambassador, it is all positive when go do positive things. TOV things, things and act of kindness that last over time.

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