Thursday, March 24, 2011

Slave Children, S.C. new culture, please

We the children of slaves need our own supplementary constitution, a real
statement of freedom. I hear the terms applied so mindlessly, Leadership, New Leadership,
these are signs of an uncultured people. Basically, what is being said, by the
"new this or that" is we have no leaders we trust. This is not the
truth. We have free men now; we have a few. Do we have an idea, a clue, some
insightful tip, that we can trust and directed us to protective action. Or at
least document our perspective. I'm not Islamic, but the Muslim culture in
America, has been the only consistent message of personal liberation in my
times. Additionally, there is a history of action, public education, Mohammed Speaks,
a more truthful record of issues, business and investment, it only trickles out
to the community though. It's time to update our culture by these similar

      I'll define culture as, the set
of ideas that are so trustworthy people do it naturally and they succeed at
Life and are able to sponsor the "new life, a different type of  life" for their descendents. Obama has
done this for our generation and tomorrows.

      There is a prevailing attitude
about expectations from external people. This is from our slave culture. Okay,
no problem as long as we accept it for what it really is, it is a choice to
believe in that idea. What is helpful is to separate our heritage from our
mindset. As Mason Weaver says, " is okay to leave the plantation, also
I say, "... it is better to unify and purchase the plantation." We
have to control something, we respect, a thing that provides pride, like the
Jet magazine. All I have seen in the pages is things that show a beautiful me,
educated me, successful Slave’s Children. We identify with a thing that uplifts
us. Jet and the Johnson legacy has uplifted the slaves children and directed
many to

Currently and precariously, this is the basis of our relationship to the
Democratic party. We look to the government, our President to do something specific,
we haven't allowed him that luxury yet. I'm sure it would make Obama proud to
sign a bill incubated by the descendents of former slaves and designed to be
rallied for by all the nation. Look all other groups and also some Slave 's
Children are making our forefathers proud. We must stop being state slaves or
federal wards, we have earned the privilege, yet not learned to capitalize on self
created opportunity, I mean creating the opportunity for our concerns and other
Slave’s children from the U.S. That's what Leaders do.

     Black folks in the U.S. are
taking charge of their environment. Go TV One! Johnson! Gordy! Lee! These slave
children have shown us, we can!! Others may find roadblocks, but one minute as a
man is more than generations of cowardice and seeking acceptance from, and being
defined by others, when the truth has been heard for years. Opposition is the
job of the oppressor, he is protecting the things he created. But the free
person’s job is to create a better culture, our parents, the SCLC, marchers,
abolitionist, Civil right supporters of all colors, races, etc. understood, therefore
they stood up. Learn, Think, See, Understand, and then “Stand up!”

         Once property, educational degrees,
Banks, Stores, manufacturing centers, and pro-slave child ( US black) policy is
in place, then you can protect and support. Until then, why are protecting what
is not ours. What belong to us and we are thus responsible for is our own
neighborhoods, school, children. Start there, more hours invested in the
community. Once that's in place; then we can go outside, offering something
that we own. Then others will know that we have a culture. And it won't matter,
we are self-accepted and self-defined.

Jesse, says, when he talking to us. "We don't need a handout, and hand up.",
as James said, 35 years ago, open the door, I'll get it myself." What has
been the result, trickle down, guess what, where it trickles down to, we don't
own. Take over entertainment. We asked about former slaves in management for
the sports industry, it changed some,. Let's not stop.

In the Obama decade take charge, study, invest; SC blacks are providing
opportunity for other blacks, target having our own and then we can have a
guest at OUR house, OUR neighborhood. SELF, first, growth first, self investment
in our belief in our own ability. The examples are everywhere. Until a
conversation like that happens we are just foolin, jokin, laughin, avoiding our

Let me clarify this, we were sold a slaves by black folks from a continent
named Africa by an European. This is why it is counterproductive to ask an
"african" to understand the African title as legitimate, yet they
don't educate their descendents-us, why? No culture, no trustworthiness, why?
If you don't care about your own history, all cultures know , the black
residents, native blacks, enslaved blacks, and molded blacks, institutionalized,
blacks, and most likely to be accepted by a beige / Caucasian person black. We
are all in need of a serious review of our culture, which has failed us in the
last 40 years. We have failed ourselves in that we don't demand a successful
culture. I see it all the time the gap between the older and younger people.
Families without fathers or helpful parents.

Look at what our parents did to overcome this environment; it is fertile for
our dreams and ambitions. within each of us is a power to change the world.
Subdue the earth with love, but love your first world, first---you are the meek
that will inherit the earth meaning we will fulfill our destiny in a manner
that the Heavenly Father is pleased.

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