Wednesday, March 16, 2011

loving ourselves

We neglect the Earth because, we neglect ourselves.  We pollute the earth because, we accept polluting our own body. Where do we begin and how do we begin to love the body we are in and the air we breath?
 Could you imagine the earth with "Breathing Air for Sale" signs? "Water filtered $7.00 a cup." Money will be really important then. The havenots will be more poverty, people will be too poor to live. 
      As an event coordinator in the GREEN, ECO technology field, it can seem that green is another sales pitch buzzword. although it may be so, the fact is going green is a mandatory change for Society. America going green is a reality, a choice, a great campign for now. North America may be moving to the forefront with earth friendly production, in the near future, it will require of all citizens to think greener, bluer, redder, cleaner and clearer.  Because all of Earth's citizens  have to learn to love themselves.  Really Really, not like in the sense of hugging a tree, but in the sense this makes...if there were no trees...what kind of planet will that be? What kind of gift to me is a greener planet? We need innovation in our questions. We need greener mindset because it is a healthy, self loving thing to do.
    I believe it is as necessary to conserve and recycle for our own peace of mind. If not there is a sense of pending dome, if we try to ignore the healthiness of our water, air, and soil. Our time on earth is based on the condition of the environments we live and raise our children.  The relation is between each of us and our own greenest potential; our ability to really love the earth from which we were created.
As we hear about other places in the world having diseases and no water or food, it  lies on a continuum where we all stand. Our global attitude must be inclusive and must change. The old adage about the buttery fly effect is true, we all impact each other.

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