Thursday, March 24, 2011

it is what freed men do

Changing the Reparations Strategy and Message.
Self- directed appraisal or tally of our specific financial actions.
For instance a call of support to the Harlem education programs or the purchase
of the Harlem Boys Choir, A Black Teachers Foundation, that stipends or
bargains advantages for our teachers?  SELF-DIRECTED REPARATIONS WE FUND. This is what freed men do. No time for asking or hating. These are bad, unwise investment of time and money.

Let's write a real constitution for us. We are decedents of
slaves living in the United States. Africa is a white term, named after
Africanus, an explorer. Many people know this and we allow a continent of our
history to be named by outsiders.  Our culture needs repaired. Yet, the free Muslim hasn't been educated to this idea.

Culture first!!!  Reparations second!!  Ownership Let’s mutually co-own Haiti. Then we
will have ownership in a country and culture. Where is that truth!!! Who’s speaking
that besides me, an Israelite?  Or do for Haiti, Puerto Rico, or Cuba, what the Jews are doing for Israel. 

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